Socomec India Launches ‘ExpertCare Center’ to Deliver Unparalleled Customer Service 24x7x365

Socomec, a leading global manufacturer of power control, availability, and safety equipment, announces the launch of its new pan-India ExpertCare Center, that will be operational 24x7x365, starting June 27th, 2018, through its toll-free helpline number 1860 425 1000. The Center will respond to product queries and customer grievances by routing them to Socomec experts for swift and accurate action.


Customer experience will soon supersede price and product to become the single most important differentiator for businesses across industries. Socomec understands this shift and to strengthen its market leading position in Power Conversion, Power Switching & Power monitoring business applications, the company has launched its India wide ExpertCare Center. The new 24x7x365 service will help improve the organisation’s responsiveness to its rapidly growing customer base and is in line with the company’s strategic values that emphasize service orientation. 


Mr. Mohan Jayaraman, Director – Expert Services, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions

The ExpertCare Center’s distinctive context-passing capability and intelligent routing will help in channelling product enquiries and/or grievances to the most appropriate specialized Socomec experts. This will ensure swift and first-time-right action for a delightful customer experience. Besides improving key metrics such as call resolution rate, mean time to repair, and customer satisfaction score, the ExpertCare Center will help Socomec experts derive meaningful insights on customer preferences, creating opportunities for superior cross-sell and up-sell.


Speaking at the launch of the ExpertCare Center, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions’s Director – Expert Services, Mr. Mohan Jayaraman, said, Today, customers not only expect real time service but also want companies to know them intimately. Customer service experience management is becoming a major contributor to overall customer satisfaction and also serves as a key competitive differentiator, thanks to the increasing influence of new media. We believe the ExpertCare Center will elevate our customer service support to next level and provide us an opportunity to forge long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our customers.


Socomec’s rigorous focus on customer service is a step in the direction of future-proofing success in the years to come, by putting the customer front and center of core business strategy.          


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About Socomec

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3200 people spread over 27 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.

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