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Sonia Gandhi disappointed on Goa visit

Touted as being her first public visit in the last three months, the All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi was disappointed at the poor turn-out of supporters at the Congress Rally held at the Campal Grounds at Panjim; Goa revealed highly placed source in the Congress High Command.

Already the Congress-led government in Goa is under severe criticism on account of the illegal mining, RP 2021 and other scam related issues, the AICC president was hoping to instill confidence in the people of Goa; however, the overall outcome of the visit and the reception she received from the people of Goa at the rally, because of the lack of numbers left her disappointed and she is certainly going to review the position of the Congress in the state and make necessary changes as well as take proper measures to bring back the faith of the people in Goa on Congress.

Besides, the low turn-out it was the entire management of the rally that came up for criticism, buses was hired, supporters were lured with monetary benefits and politicians were busy with their personal upmanship instead of working together in a coordinated effort. Adding to it the inconvenience caused to most people in Goa on account of the blockage of traffic for many hours also highlighted the mismanagement of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee in planning, executing and given proper directions to ensure smooth functioning of the event.


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