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Sonia Gandhi: The Unifier or The Divider

I do not dislike Sonia Gandhi. I do admire what she has achieved as a woman in India’s political arena. Thats where my admiration ends and my disappointment with her starts.

The truth is that she has allowed and even partnered in some cases of corruption as alleged by different quarters – in the media and political sphere – on her.

Social media trolls sometimes walk the path of derogatory remarks calling her a waitress and bar girl. So what if she was a waitress or a bar girl; her rise in the political scene in India cannot be denied for what ever reasons, strategies or ploys that she or fate must have adopted.

She is a strong woman and for even one moment we cannot take her presence in the global political scene lightly. She is not one to back down from a fight. And now she has realised that she would need to take the fight to BJP, if Congress wants any semblances of existence in 2019 and in 2024.

Her son Rahul Gandhi is a specimen, he needs to be studied in the top medical schools for his Jupiter intelligence. He is not a leader to lead Congress or resurrect it. This even the Congress leaders know but will not have the courage to open their mouth against Rahul Gandhi because of respect and fear of Sonia Gandhi.

Her affection to Rahul is understandable, she is a mother. But her love for her incompetent son cannot come in way of her responsibility to the country that she has adopted through right of marriage.

She is right in her statement that Congress in the future would not be the responsibility of only the Gandhis. That statement would cut more ice, if she did not orchestrate the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as Congress President without a fair election and also without a fair assessment of his competence.

I have always maintained that if Narendra Modi has to have an even adversary, it would need to be a woman and Sonia Gandhi is quite an adversary. Rahul Gandhi is a sparring boxer in front of Narendra Modi who is heavy-weight fighter. Just because the sparring boxer might have an experienced coach does not mean it can beat a champion boxer, who has been punching all over since 2014.

Sonia Gandhi has the power to rally the different allies. She will not sit quiet. She will get in the ring.

If BJP assumes that by ignoring Sonia Gandhi and going after other Congress leaders to bring Congress corruption to the fore, it would be enough to put Congress on the back foot, then that would be a big big mistake.

The dance of 2019 has started. There is no room for errors from either political parties. Sonia Gandhi has already sounded the war bugle, stating, “We will not let BJP form the government in 2019.”

While BJP will play the corruption plank, Congress will play the communal plank. Mark my words this country is going to go through such a political turmoil that many will get down to the streets due to political and religious differences.

Sonia Gandhi might be portrayed as the ‘Unifier’ by some stooges in the media who have been fed with the Congress largesse but history teaches us that when Congress is ever in trouble they first play the role of divider through agents and then act like the unifier.

This going to be a fierce battle. Of course for the comedy bit in this serious times we have Rahul Gandhi with his version of Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ called ‘Bum Ki Baat’. BJP also has its side actors who will be shooting of their mouth off on topics of religious dominance further stirring the already hot pot of communal propaganda. Then we will have Global Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal from the Global Political Party also doing his own theatrics.

Is BJP sticks to the development plank and not waste time countering Congress’s communal plank, people of India will support BJP yet again. If BJP gets into the ring to fight on communal issues, it would be counter productive for the chances in 2019.

Game on 2019!


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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