Sourav Ganguly returns home after being implanted a stent on a blocked artery

Kolkata: BCCI president Sourav Gagnuly, who underwent an angioplasty surgery on Saturday for a blockage artery, was discharged from Woodlands hospital on Thursday.

” Ready to fly Soon,” the 48-year former Indian captain told the waiting reporters as he waved his hand towards the journos while being driven home from the hospital on his car along with his wife Dona from Alipore to Behala in South Kolkata this morning.

Dona Ganguly had arrived in the hospital early to take back his spouse. Ganguly also profusely thanked the hospital staff and well wishers for his well being during his stay in the medical facility for the past six days.
The discharge from the hospital, which was scheduled on Wednesday, was postponed by a day as Ganguly wanted to stay, hospital CEO Rupali Baus told reporters.

She said they would continue to monitor the sportsman for three to four weeks and a nurse would be deputed to his home to facilitate medicines. She said Sourav Gagnuly was absolutely fit and fine. She said the other two arteries of Ganguly, which are partially blocked could be repaired at any time.

A specialist doctor Santoshi Basu would also visit daily to Ganguly home for check up, added the CEO.
Forty-eight-year-old Ganguly was admitted around 1 pm on Saturday after felt blackout while on the treadmill ( gym) at his Behala home.He was immediately taken to an ICU and the angioplasty was done for a blockage of one of his three arteries in the heart.

He had been diagnosed with triple vessel disease. He would undergo further treatment at his home by the specialist medics from the Woodlands hospital.

Ganguly has been advised to walk home 7/8 kms in phases a day since he is asportsperson and prescribed a normal diet, especially eggs, fish and fruits.

On Tuesday cardiac specialist Devi Shetty gave a clean chit to the Indian cricket board president and said his heart now was as healthy as when he was 20.

The medic, who air dashed to the city, also said the former captain can chase any of his dreams in life like a normal person and even predicted he can run a marathon or play cricket.

” His (Ganguly) heart is as young as when he was 20 and said even Sourav can run in marathons or return to the cricket field and can chase any of his dream in life like a normal person,” the high profile cardiologist told
reporters after examining the former captain and his medical reports.

” He did not have a major cardiac event which has damaged his heart. He has a very very strong heart and lead a normal life and and even can fly plane.This event should not affect his lifestyle and his life span,” said Dr Shetty.

On Saturday an angioplasty was done on the 48-year-old cricketing icon immediately after his admission for a blocked artery. He was suffering from triple vessel disease.


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