Sourav Roy releases his first romantic song ‘Cappuccino’

New Delhi, Jul 17 (GCEntertainment) Bollywood’s well known composer Sourav Roy’s new single ‘Cappuccino’ which released recently talks about a young love story.

As the song name suggests, a lot can happen with a cup of cappuccino between two souls. The video is about a young love story. The audience will get to enjoy the peppy romantic song in R Naaz’s voice, with the composition by Sourav Roy.

The video features youth sensation, actor Niti Taylor and Abhishek Verma.

Talking about the song, Sourav said, “This is my first collaboration with lyricist Kumaar Ji and label Times Music. Kumaar Ji has written so many great songs and it is a great feeling when you work with such a great team. The best feeling is when you compose something with him and a singer like Naaz comes along and takes the song to a different level.”

He also adds, “I am really looking forward to see the love of the audience for this song. I am excited because, with the passionate lyrics and a soulful romantic song like this, I can’t wait to see if the audience loves it as much as we do. It’s dedicated to all the people out there who have ever been in the phase where we fall in love for somebody and want to see that person all the time.”

Niti Taylor added, ‘It was a privilege to work with Sourav, Abhishek Verma and Onboard Films. It’s a beautiful song and brings out the romantic in me. Every moment on the set was like one big party and it’s reflected on-screen as well. I’m sure the audience will enjoy the song as much as we did while shooting it.”

‘Cappuccino’ is out on now on Times Music YouTube channel.

Via UNI-India

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