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South Goa Lawyers Protest Against D’Costa’s Suspension


The lawyers from South Goa held a morcha on Thursday to protest against Additional Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa’s suspension, with more than 100 lawyers participating in the same. Proceedings in all the courts in Margao came to a grinding halt as the advocates also boycotted court proceedings.
South Goa Advocates Association President Anacleto Viegas, who led the morcha demanded the Registrar of the High Court should recall his order immediately. “Till then, we have decided not to attend the court of the District judge”, he added further.
The lawyers then proceeded further to the chamber of the Principal District and sessions Judge, South Goa to present the memorandum.
“Our memorandum demands two things – the suspension order should be revoked by the registrar of the High Court and the District Judge should explain the circumstances by which he had given a complaint or information to the High Court, on account of which this order of suspension has come”, said Viegas.

Desmond has been known throughout the state of Goa as one person who is calm, composed and full of integrity. There is no allegation of corruption against him. Just because he has decided the matter in accordance with law and in accordance with his own discretion, I think this kind of suspension is not the reward for it. He has decided the matter in the quickest possible time”, he added further.
Viegas also informed that they will be abstaining from the courts on Friday and their meeting will be held at 10.00 a.m. “thereafter we will proceed to Panjim to meet the registrar and give our memorandum and tell him that if the revocation order is not vacated within the shortest possible time, the consequences will be bad for the courts throughout Goa”, he said and added: “there is no way we can tolerate this when everybody is being sacrificed for no reason.”
Meanwhile, speaking to, Judge Desmond D’Costa said he was touched by the innumerable phone calls he received since yesterday. “I have only done my job in keeping with my principles giving expeditious justice”, he said.
Judge Desmond D’Costa is a much respected judge commanding great respect from not only the staff attached to his court but also the various lawyers appearing before him.
He was also a much admired student leader in his younger days having led the agitation for the 50 per cent bus concession for students and subsequently the dynamic Progressive Students’ Union.


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