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SP Orders Enquiry Into Agnelo’s Death

Superintendent of Police South Goa, Allen D’Sa has ordered an enquiry into the alleged murder of 26-year-old Agnelo Fernandes from Cuncolim. Speaking to Goa Chronicle.Com, D’Sa said he had asked the Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar to conduct the enquiry and the report is awaited.

Agnelo Fernandes was picked up from his house at around 3 pm on 22nd April which incidentally was Good Friday. In totally unbecoming of his character he did not return home that night and his brother was informed by the mother of the person who had taken him that her son too had not returned.

The next morning Agnelo’s body was found floating in the lake at Dandora with his left hand missing from the elbow downwards. Although the family members did not suspect any foul play initially, doubts crept in subsequently.
In the first place, the missing part of the left hand was not explained and the person who had picked up Agnelo from his house on Good Friday kept giving different versions of what happened. While initially he denied having picket up Agnelo, he changed the story to say that he had dropped Agnelo on 22nd April night at the market and then changed the story to say that as they were walking along the lake, Agnelo suddenly disappeared in the night.
Jerson Fernandes, Agnelo’s brother had petitioned the Superintendent of Police to conduct an enquiry into the matter relating all these facts and also the fact that the keys of the motorcycle on which Agnelo was taken from his house along with a watch and wallet not belonging to him were found at the spot.
The family members also questioned Cuncolim Municipal Council vice-Chairperson Leandry Mascarenhas’ interest in the matter as they said he accompanied the person who had picked up Agnelo every time he was called to the police station for enquiry.

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