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Spate of activities in Goa to observe Gobal Day of Doing


The biggest environmental campaign towards climate change all over the world takes place this Sunday 10th October when the date on the calendar reads 10.10.10. Part of the global initiative, the event known as the ‘Global Work Party’, kicks off in Goa.

India joins the 187 countries in organising countrywide events that aim to create an awareness on the issue. Out of the global 6759 events, Goa will host its own set in a unique way.

Environmentalist Clinton Vaz, one of the 50 coordinators reveals that the activities are spread over Benaulim, Margao, Vasco, Ponda, Panaji, Calangute to mention a few spots. Everything from beach cleaning drives, village clean-up sessions and door to door collection in Assolna, birdwatching in Maina, tree plantation to movie screenings on eco topics are part of the event, he said.

The movies to be screened as part of the Global Work Party campaign will treat movie fans to green themes. Some of the ten carefully selected films include Zero Impact Man, Addicted to Plastic, Dirt and The Age of Stupid.

Flow, a film directed by Irene Salina talks of the dwindling supply of fresh water. On the other hand Addicted to Plastic revolves around man’s dependence on plastic. A film that took the director years to make, features Goans like Claude Alvares and Elvis Gomes.

What’s interesting is that for the first time, there will be a launch of an E-waste collection point in Goa. Clinton explains, “I have tied up with Delhi based Attero, recycling plant to take the E-waste from Goa. The collection, of course is entrusted to a local body.”

Taking the eco message to the open streets is Delhi based NGO Manzil. Founded by Ravi Gulati, his team is down in Goa to put up street plays. Though it was not part of their initial travel plans, the group will stage 15 to 20 minute skit on environmental issues at various places. “Though the topic is on composting, we have reworked the script to include many more ideas,” said its spokesperson.

In addition to these events, everyone can avail of OSRAM CFL lighting products at a special 17% discount on the market retail price only on9th October. This campaign is a call for action. “We have heard our politicians making enough promises, but not adhering to these. This exercise sends out a clear message on how to deal with the climate problem. If they don’t take the initiative we can show them how,” said Clinton Vaz.

This campaign follows the 2009 event where Goa participated in a global climate change programme that saw parts of a 350 meter long cloth banner placed at various parts of Goa being signed by a total of 2000 citizens. Most of the banner was converted into cloth bags, but a portion of it was at display at the climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.


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