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Speaker Partisan: Parrikar

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar accused Speaker Pratapsing Rane of being partisan in not allowing the adjourned motion moved by him to discuss the conduct of Education Minister Babush Monserrate.
Speaking to he specified that the BJP wanted to discuss the conduct of the Education Minister. “The legality or illegality of what he did is a different issue entirely. What we wanted to discuss is the minister’s conduct in carrying currency in excess of the permitted limits”, he said.

Parrikar recalled that the same Speaker Pratapsing Rane in the past had adjourned the House following an accident in order to save the Digambar Kamat-led government which was facing a collapse then.
Rejecting the speaker’s contention that the Opposition was not interested in the Question Hour, he said they were merely exercising the form of protest provided to them constitutionally.
He pointed out that there are ample of instances in the Indian parliament where proceedings have been stalled and instead of rejecting the Opposition’s demand outright, the presiding officers have tried to work out solutions.
“Unfortunately, the precedent’s act in the Parliament has not been followed by speaker Pratapsing Rane who preferred to toe the Congress Party line”, he said while pointing out that the office of the speaker is expected to rise above party politics in times of the interest of the State and maintaining the dignity of the House.

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