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Speaker’s ruling for not convening any meeting which MLAs have to attend during session of the house

Patna: Bihar Legislative Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha, passing a ruling today said no meeting should be held which members of the Lower house were expected to attend when the house was in session.

Taking cognizance of the issue raised by members of the house during the pre-lunch setting, the speaker directed the state government to issue a letter asking for not holding any meeting anybody in which the MLAs were a member when the house was in session.

While giving his ruling the speaker said that any officer ignoring it would be inviting action under privilege motion.

As the house assembled for the day, BJP member Sanjay Saravgi raised the matter saying that such programmes and meetings organised during the ongoing session which the MLAs were are expected to attend obstructs the legislative business of the House. He said convening any such meeting when the house was in session comes under the purview of privilege. He informed the chair about receiving information from Darbhanga for attending a meeting when the house was already in session.

Rashtriya Janata Dal member Bhai Virendra also vented his view on the issue saying that any departmental meeting which the members of the house were expected to attend should not be convened when the house was in session.

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