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Special Branch Jharkhand Polices Secret Note to MHA: Raises Question on 88 Christian NGOs receiving Rs 292 crores

GoaChronicle gets a hold of a Special Information Note of the Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the 88 NGOs put under scrutiny by the Jharkhand government. On May 24th a delegation of Christian leaders met with the Governor Jharkhand demanding a withdrawal of this selective investigation, citing discrimination against Christian NGOs…

This special note from the Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police maps the receipts of foreign donations of the 88 NGOs from 2013-14 to 2015-16.

The total amount received by 11 NGOs exceeded Rs 7.5 crores but not more than Rs 39 crore. For the three financial years, 11 NGOs received Rs 187 crore approximately with the Jesuits of Santal Society receiving Rs 39.8 crores and Hazaribagh Catholic Diocese getting Rs 24 crores in foreign donations.

The name of the 11 NGOs are as follows Jesuits of Santal Society, Hazribagh Catholic Diocese, Holy Cross Institute, Ranchi Jesuits, Haribagh Jesuits Education Society, Jamshedpur Jesuits Society, Ranchi Catholic Archdiocese, Jamshedpur Diocese Corporation, Khunti Catholic Diocese, Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust and The Congregation of the Daughters of St Anne.

The NGOs listed 12 to 31 received a total of Rs 75 crores approximately. These are the 20 NGOs who have received less than Rs 7.5 crores but more than Rs 1.84 crore in foreign donations. In this segment of NGOs the Capuchin Friars Minor Society got Rs 7.4 crores and the Daltonganj Catholic Diocese got Rs 5.6 crore.

The NGOs listed from 32 to 88 have received foreign donations less than Rs 1.84 crores. The remaining 57 NGOs received Rs 30 crore plus approximately in foreign donations. The Institute of Missionaries of Jesus the Eternal Priest got Rs 1.59 crores while the second highest Catholic Charities got 1.56 crores.

The note states private schools, hospitals and shelter homes are run by these NGOs at different districts and block levels.

Some of these NGOs provide nursing training to girls belonging to different tribes and send them out of state/country and build pressure on them to become missionaries.

Most missionary institution present at Jharkhand are doing religious conversion of the people, by giving some incentive to them and sometimes forcefully they do conversion of innocent tribal people.

The note further alleges that most of the missionary institutions use their money in rallies, strikes and protest against the government, which they received under FCRA fund.

The Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police also recommends that the institutions and foundations be audited by the Auditor General General Office, if they are found guilty, FCRA registration must be cancelled by the Government of India.

The Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police also recommend that through the Government of India’s notification no, S.O. -2445 (E) & 2446(E) Dated 25/10/2011 there is a provision that state government can set an inquiry agency (crime branch).

Auxiliary Bishop Telesphore Bilung of Ranchi led the four-member delegation to present a memorandum to governor Draupadi Murmu on May 24 urging her to dismiss ongoing selective investigations into Christian organizations.

The state has some 500 non-governmental organizations that receive foreign donations. However, the government ordered that only 88 Christian organizations be investigated to see if they “misuse foreign funds for religious conversion,” the memorandum said.

“The selective scrutiny only of the Christian institutions betrays not only the government’s discriminatory stance but is also a breach of the Indian constitution,” it said, seeking the governor’s intervention.

So while the Christian organisation lament over the investigations initiated by the Jharkhand government and continue to give it a communal colour of being selectively targeted; the truth needs to be investigated into the foreign origins of the funds of the 88 Christian NGOs in Jharkhand under the scrutiny of the government in the state.

Special Branch Jharkhand Police report to MHA

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