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Special provisions for Goa under CRZ 2011

Special provisions have been provided for the State of Goa with stringent regulatory mechanism for sustainable development and ecological protection of coastal areas has been formulated.

Notification special provisions have been inserted, keeping in view the diverse problems faced by local communities like those living in slums, those inhabiting old and unsafe buildings in Mumbai, people living in islands in the backwaters in Kerala, local communities living in the coast of Goa and the communities living in ecologically sensitive areas of the Sunderbans etc. 

Since the traditional occupation of the population living along the coast is mainly the fishing and allied activities and fishing communities require basic infrastructure facilities for their livelihood, such facilities shall be provided by the Government of Goa after conducting a comprehensive survey.

Reconstruction, repair of the structures of local communities shall be permissible in the CRZ areas. The eco-sensitive, low-lying areas influenced by tidal action known khazan lands shall be mapped. All mangroves along such land shall be protected and a management plan shall be prepared. No developmental activities shall be permitted in the khazan land. Sand dunes, beach stretches along the bays and creeks shall be surveyed and mapped.

No activity shall be permitted on such sand dune areas. Beaches such as Mandrem, Morjim, Galgiba and Agonda have been designated as turtle nesting sites and protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. These areas shall be surveyed and management plan prepared for protecting these sites. No developmental activities shall be permitted in these areas.

Special provisions have also been incorporated for the fishermen communities living along the coastal areas in Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Sunderbans and other ecologically sensitive areas.

The Government of Goa shall survey and map the fishing villages all along the Goa coast and all facilities required for fishing and allied activities shall be provided.

As per the CRZ Notification, 1991, expansion/reconstruction/ repair of dwelling units of local communities in CRZ areas were viewed as violations of the Notification if the requisite permission has not been taken from the authorities. Such units (approximately 5,000) were ordered to be demolished by the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay.

However, the 2011 Notification provides that reconstruction and repair of the structures of local communities shall also be permissible in CRZ areas.

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