Spectacular Thrissur Pooram festival begins in Kerala

Thrissur, May 13 (GCEntertainment) Thrissur Pooram — the most spectacular festival of Kerala — began on Monday morning with hundreds of thousands of people arriving the Thekkinkadu maidan, the abode of Lord Shiva, in the heart of Thrissur city.

Touted as the ‘Pooram of all Poorams’, Thrissur Pooram (festival) stands tall among the temple festivals in the state. One cannot miss the opulence as everything is on a massive scale. The caparisoned elephants, parasols in the kudamattam (exchange of umbrellas), maestros participating in the percussion and the pyro-technic show in the Kudamattam, (Change of colourful umbrellas) which is the most magnificent show with innovative designs and colour combinations can be witnessed. It is one of the most exciting aspects of Pooram where lakhs of people throng the maidan to enjoy this visual treat.

The Pooram presents the ultimate treat for elephant lovers. The resplendent presence of these caparisoned elephants are one of the main attractions of the Pooram, drawing spectators and admirers from across the globe. The star attraction is Elanjithara melam, the ultimate experience for percussion lovers, which is an unrehearsed impromptu performance by nearly 300 artistes who have never played together before.

The day-long celebrations culminate in the grand durbar in the evening as two deities of Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples stand face to face in a pageantry marked by friendly rivalry. Pooram is a grand get together of Gods and Goddesses from eight temples around the city.

The most remarkable face of Thrissur Pooram is its unique gesture of communal harmony and goodwill that brings together people from all religion and faith.Christians and Muslims equally partake in the festival preparations. What makes Pooram truly festive is its secular nature. It is a chance for people of all religions to pay a visit to Lord Shiva, popularly known as Vadakkunathan at the famous Thekkinkadu grounds in the heart of the city. Regardless of religion, Malayalees belonging to all communities actively participate and play a prominent role in each and every part of the festival.

The 30-hour long Pooram ends tomorrow noon. This year a large number of foreign tourists have arrived to witness the festival.

In view of the Easter day bomb blast in Sr Lanka, Police have made elaborate security arrangements by deploying 3000 security personnel all around the city.

Via UNI-India

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