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Spiritual Bharat – Spiritual Sense & Spiritual Eclipse

I am Bharat. We are Bharat. Bharat Sparsh is an effort to understand the news & information with a spiritual perspective. I believe that sharing life experiences is an effective way to connect with people and I write in simple and clear words. There is no indirect meaning or intention to my words. I do not practice sarcasm as it is the lowest form of wit and only the ignorant mistake it for wisdom. It is important to be involved and informed enough to survive and serve the people, society and the nation.

Context of article with a practical example – Sanatan Dharma are eternal laws of Mother Nature. Karma will always follow the eternal laws of truth & justice to give consequences and everything will be revealed in the same lifetime. There is no delay in the court of Mother Nature, The Shakti.

As per the News sources – On Friday, 11 Dec 2020 – Akash Ambani & Shloka Mehta were blessed to become parents to a baby boy. The boy is born only 3 days before the solar eclipse. In the same month and around same date & time something happened seven years ago.

My intention to share this example is for the people to realise the importance of the divine science of astrology that must be followed and practiced for a good life and living. It is extremely important for the astrologers to stop money making business of astrology for any financial benefit at all (it is a sin for an astrologer to make even one penny for any kind of prediction) instead astrologers need to be devoted to guide the humanity. I pray that the Ambani family finds good astrologer who is absolutely self-detached. It is important that people of Bharat get back to the practices of ancient Bharatvarsha.

Old News – Saturday, 7 Dec 2013 – an over-speeding Aston Martin (MH-O1-BK99) car, registered in the name of Reliance Ports and Terminals Limited, met with an accident in Mumbai when it crashed into an Audi (MH14-DN-6666) from behind as per reports. As a result of the impact, the Audi, driven by Foram Ruparel, a resident of Ghatkopar area jumped the divider on the road and hit a private bus coming from the opposite direction. The Aston Martin, then hit another car. Two people died in the accident.

The driver of the Aston Martin managed to flee from the accident spot. Foram Ruparel, who was driving the Audi, lodged a complaint. Bansilal Joshi, 55, a driver employed with Reliance, presented himself at the Gamdevi police station on Sunday afternoon – December 8, 2013 – and accepted responsibility for the accident. This was almost 12 hours after the accident.

There is nothing to prove whether it was Akash Ambani who was driving the Aston Martin car or not. In another example there is nothing to prove whether Aditya Thackeray has anything to do with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian or not, both died in June 2020. In the system of law and judiciary we are ruled by biased interpretations & implementations of law where an accused is guilty until proven innocent and a criminal is innocent until proven guilty.

But the justice itself has its own laws. As a common man I pray for Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian deaths like other deaths which were declared as accidental or suicide – The death of Jiah Khan (June 2013) & Sridevi ( Feb 2018).

Spiritual Eclipse – The Divine Intervention of Spiritual Sense

 There is a solar eclipse on 14th Dec 2020 in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio has energy of transformation. The world is definitely witnessing a great transformation in the year 2020 and because of coronavirus pandemic there are new social norms.

The eclipse is an astronomical event but in spiritual sense it is an important cleansing process of the universe and therefore it is always advised to follow spiritual practices or rituals during these astronomical events. In this materialistic mundane life we often drift away from the Truth & reality. When it happens then we human beings make mistakes. This ignorant karma brings undesired consequences but we must make sure to be honest enough to accept the Truth to evolve further in life. We need spiritual sense to realise the Truth.

Eclipse of Truth – The Experiments with Truth

Bharat is Heritage of Forefathers – Sages & Sanatan Dharma

 We all know about Mahatma Gandhi – an extraordinarily simple man who became Father of the Nation by “Experiments with Truth” – a book that he wrote based on his journey of life and experiences.

Balasaheb Thackeray in Aap Ki Adalat – a popular TV show hosted by anchor Rajat Sharma, Chairman & Editor in-Chief of IndiaTV news channel. Bal Thackeray said a famous quote – “When Barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi can become Mahatma then why a cartoonist cannot become ShivSena President Leader.”

There were many freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for Bharat Mata. The sacrifices are always silent because it is for the cause with a higher purpose and vision rather than any biased benefits. An extraordinary sacrifice of 3 legendary freedom fighters – Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru – for Bharat Mata will inspire many generations because it was not corrupted by any closed-door diplomatic meeting because the truth cannot be kept secret by four walls.

Although much like Mahatma Gandhi, Balasaheb also was not having any desire to hold the highest chair but they both influenced much of important politics that affected many people of many states and the nation. The ShivSena has lost its values in a few years after the death of Hindu Samrat Balasehab. The organisation has not followed his ideals and the heritage of forefathers of Marathas.

Mahatma Gandhi campaigned don’t hear the bad, don’t speak the bad & don’t see the bad which are very good qualities and we must learn from him that he followed these principles in exemplary way during the freedom struggle. He always spoke good words, he only heard good ideas and he always made sure to see good things – everything good and unique in its own way.

But the citizens of Bharat must not be blind, deaf and dumb. The informed citizens of Bharat who understand the Truth must learn from the abilities and qualities of Mahatma Gandhi.

The great scientist Einstein said that the world will not believe that such a man in flesh and blood walked upon this earth. I make honest and sincere efforts to make sense of these statements and truly understand what goes into the making of a personality like Mahatma Gandhi. In many ways he changed how truth is realized & perceived.

It is very important to recognise the Truth clearly and correctly in the 21st century. I try to understand and learn about the other two extraordinary world famous leaders – Greta Thunberg as environmental activist and Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. These people also do peaceful protests.

 All the citizens of Bharat must learn from Mahatma Gandhi as a great example to clearly distinguish between right and wrong. We must make best efforts to understand his words, actions and intentions correctly and clearly and it is the best way to clearly distinguish between the people who are devoted to Bharat Mata. I learnt a lot from his life and the Congress party leaders have been religiously following his principles for many years.

Disaster is not simply the wrong; it is the right gone wrong.

I try to follow Mahatma Gandhi by living a simple life. I speak and write in simple and clear words. The great quality of Mahatma Gandhi is his great understanding of truth and the extraordinary simplicity to follow and practice the truth which can fail the diplomats of 21st century to find a peaceful solution to the biggest problems simply by meetings, dialogue and discussion. There is no way that anyone can doubt his abilities although the Truth that shines like bright Sun cannot be covered by dark clouds for long time and it simply reveals itself.

I’m a spiritual seeker like Mahatma Gandhi. I never make opinions or judgemental comments on other people. I make honest efforts to understand every life that I connect with and therefore I make sincere and honest efforts to learn from great political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Congress Party leaders like Chacha Nehru, Indira Gandhiji, Rajeev Gandhiji and also Sonia Gandhiji. Rahul Gandhiji & Priyanka Gandhiji are already very well known.

I make honest efforts to learn from great political party leaders of NCP, ShivSena (Maharashtra), AIMIM (Hyderabad), BJD (Orissa), SAD (Punjab) and also other important leaders of BJP who impact the lives of many people directly and billions of people indirectly.

Eclipse of Identity – Regional & Religion Identity  

All the citizens of Bharat must identify themselves as #I am Bharat. An individual out of environment struggles for identity crisis. We as humans need to be in comfortable position and balance between state of mind & emotions to act suitably. A human being can choose to adopt different kinds of identity with certain humane sense. Without necessary humane sense the humans begin to see the differences in everyone and then such people want to make other human beings exactly like themselves because of ignorance. The examples of dark and evil ignorance are as follows:

  1. Radical Islam – The incidents of killing of humans & humanity in the name of Islamic Jihad is an example of dark and evil ignorance. The world is suffering due to such extremists who kill in the name Allah and also by supporting political leaders who call themselves leaders of Muslims. Bharat was divided in the name of religion as India. We must unite again.
  2. Christian Conversion – While radical Islamists resort to killing the infidels or the non-believers of Islam, the Christian missionaries want to convert all the people to Christianity. Prophet Mohammad said the whole world is a mosque. He lived for humanity and Islam means peace. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for humanity.

Ignorance is not Allah – Jesus & Islam – Christianity but the humans without humane sense are suffering with ignorance who act like animals driven by false believes and ideas. These people do not know how to live a simple life with each other with love and peace.

  1. Regional Identity – There are some people who support separate regional identity solely for the purpose of ruling other people. But all the regions will remain united as Bharat.

Spiritual Eclipse – The Eclipse of Humane Sense

Spirituality simply means a sense of consciousness that gives the perception of life which is the reality. In other words, the perception of life is not imagination or far from reality.

Sometime in history there was a great civilisation of Bharat with great heritage of culture & tradition. The people in those times lived happily with love and peace simply because they had humane sense – it is sensible, science and spiritual. There was abundance of wealth, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, science & technology to live a good life. People followed and practiced Sanatan Dharma which is nothing but the eternal laws of Mother Nature. The people lived spiritual life and they performed Karma or actions consciously.

But someday religion confused the spiritual people and ignorance became a living reality in flesh and bone as a new generation of human beings. The ignorant people without humane sense could not understand principles of life and energy and slowly the logic became the only intelligence parameter. Humans without humane sense degraded to animal instinct so much that today the Truth has to prove itself for approval in the court of law.

Let us rise above religion and embrace spirituality. Let us follow and practice Sanatan Dharma to recognise the Truth and truly spiritual people like Swami Dayananad Saraswati to Sadhguru. Let us devote ourselves in service to humanity & Bharat Mata. Jai Maa.


Author: Ravi Kumar

I am an astrologer and spiritual seeker. I’m devoted to Bharat Mata. I know that I know nothing, I can do nothing, I have nothing and I want nothing. I seek truth only and only that with humane sense is sensible, science & spiritual.


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