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Spiritual Christmas

I read a phrase in childhood – Ignorance is bliss. Such ignorance with the innocence of childhood was indeed bliss. It was happiness to have any new experience & realization. And all that I didn’t know was not bothering or affecting so not knowing was not a problem.

As I grew up I began to understand the importance of reading & learning because ignorance had become painful. When I turned into a spiritual seeker then someday I learnt a divine sentence –

Let the spirit guide you.

So much we hear about Spirituality but in this article we will discuss about ‘Ignorance’ also. Just like the knowledge & wisdom – the ignorance also has no boundaries.

Let us understand ‘Ignorance’ with the help of few questions –

  1. What was the religion of Jesus Christ?
  2. What is the religion of Santa Claus?
  3. What is the age of Santa Claus?

These questions may seem funny if they were asked as the innocent questions of an ignorant child. Therefore as long as ‘Ignorance’ is innocent it is still good in a certain way. If the childhood is over but immaturity of ideas & thoughts still exists then it is painful foolishness.

Let us understand dark & evil – ignorance. When the ‘Ignorance’ is corrupted by combination with intelligence it becomes dark and evil. Let us understand the combination of Ignorance-Intelligence with simple examples as follows –

  1. As per evil people – Jesus Christ was Christian so the whole world should be converted to Christianity and only then Jesus God & the son of God will give us blessing. Santa Claus is also Christian and he distributes gifts & wishes to only Christians.
  2. Ignorant people read Bible but do not follow & practice the teachings.
  3. Another ignorant person will give arguments about the age of Santa Claus – he was born AD or BC or why Christmas should not be celebrated by people of certain other religion?

Ignorance is so viral that given a chance of expression we definitely can see, read & hear statements like these – How it is possible for Santa Claus to be alive for so many years that every year we see in different advertisements that he distributes gifts & wishes on Christmas?

The answers of ignorant people may be – it is a scam and a lie that Santa Claus visits people every year while some others can come up with even a horoscope of Santa Claus.

In simple words intelligence is interpretation of mind. It doesn’t mean that the intelligence or the mind is evil. Intelligence is the understanding, learning and education based on some data & information.

An ignorant individual thinks that he/she knows everything based on the intelligence. Ignorant people teach & preach religion. They read religious texts & holy books. An intelligent-ignorant person is blind, deaf & dumb with all human body senses but without humane sense.

 A spiritually conscious person knows that he/she know nothing based on the realisation. Spiritual people learn from religion. They follow & practice the teachings of holy books.

Spiritual realisation is like bright sunshine. It is a state of knowledge and wisdom that comes with devotion or guided practice. It is not the same as reading and trying to remember it all. Knowledge and wisdom is not an accumulation of information. It is a sense of understanding where we learn to perceive things, “as they are” in the world which brings an awareness of the universal energy that can lead to good life & living.

Spirituality simply means to acquire conscious humane sense that gives the real perception of life. In other words the perception of life is not an imagination or far from reality. Spirituality helps us to realise the Truth. The realisation is the real knowledge & wisdom.

I am a proud GoaChronicle team member. Bharat Sparsh is an effort to help common people to understand the news & information with a spiritual perspective for better understanding of the issues of people & society. I don’t show off secularism merely in my words and I don’t disrespect or discriminate with the people of any religion. I have lived in the state of Goa for many years in more humane environment and I love & respect Jesus Christ who guides me in my life. I live with a short & simple message that service to humanity is the best prayer and only that with humane sense is sensible, science & spiritual.

We from Goa Chronicle team pray on this Christmas – Let the humane sense go viral.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.


Author: Ravi Kumar

I am an astrologer and spiritual seeker. I’m devoted to Bharat Mata. I know that I know nothing, I can do nothing, I have nothing and I want nothing. I seek truth only and only that with humane sense is sensible, science & spiritual.


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