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Spiritual Living – Identity & Reality

People, Society & System – Part I

Why it is important to understand the true identity & the reality of people, society & system with a Spiritual perspective?

There are many examples of Bollywood, sports & music celebrities, political leaders, businessmen and other public figures who are seen on media all the time and much news & information is available about their life & lifestyle and as their popularity increases the curiosity among the common people to know their reality also continues.

It is important to realize that the life & lifestyle of people is not their reality.

While many celebrities become the trending icons for the young generation of people, they should learn that – Acting on-screen is not Reality.

The common people often make the mistake to recognize & understand the true reality of Bollywood & Sports celebrities and other public figures because of their looks, words & actions that get connected through the media. Since the common people do not know the celebrities in person so the understanding of their real identity is not recognized properly.

The common people must know that the image on-screen is part of a script & narrative which is reflected in the looks, words & actions of people. The media is both good-bad & right-wrong based on the agenda & propaganda.

The reality of intentions & behavior is a very important reality of a person.

What is the identity & reality of a businessman, politician & other Public Figures?

The reality of a businessman is that he/she is interested in the business.

A politician is very well known & understood as a politician.

Business is run by profit and politics is all about power.

The reality of a businessman or politician cannot be defined only as right-wrong or good-bad. By having a sense of understanding of the nature & environment of business & politics the common people can understand the reality of a businessman or politician better. It is important to know the reality of public figures to understand the intentions of their looks, words & actions.


Identity & Reality – Bollywood Celebrities

Parveen Babi (Jan 2005), Divya Bharti (April 1993), Jiah Khan (June 2013), Sridevi (Feb 2018), Disha Salian & Sushant Singh Rajput (Jun 2020).

These people from Bollywood died a mysterious death. In the cases of the mysterious death of Bollywood actors that were declared accidental or suicide cases, any common man can easily understand that the declared facts or available news & information do not seem to be accurate & correct. The people want to know the reality as to how they died or in-fact they were killed. It is important to understand the reality of Bollywood celebrities also in specific matters like these to understand the truth completely & clearly.

In present times the sense of belongingness towards the common people is not seen among the popular celebrities very often and with that missing, there is no significant sense of responsibility towards the emotions & sentiments of common people.

  • What is the reality of Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar, Mukesh Bhatt, Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut and other popular people from the Bollywood industry?
  • What is the reality of the Bollywood-Cinema industry and Cricket- Sports industry?

It is very important to know the reality of social issues.

For example, the common people of Bharat have understood the reality of – Farmers’ Protest in Delhi. But we must understand the reality of celebrities, politicians & other public figures who support the farmers’ protest.

  • The common people don’t know the reality of Parveen Babi & Divya Bharti. Also, at the time of their death, social media was also not prevailing like in present times which have empowered the common people with access to a lot more data, news & information.
  • What do the common people know about the reality of Sushant Singh Rajput & Disha Salian who died in Jun 2020? How much is known about the reality of Sridevi who died in Feb 2018? We don’t know much about the reality of their life & lifestyle? Not much known about the life & lifestyle of Jiah Khan also.
  • Celebrities enjoy many benefits of popularity. They attract attention & they get attention. While the reality of the Bollywood industry & many celebrities are known much better due to the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput which got national attention but the common people should understand the real issue –

The celebrities are who they are in reality. The problem is that the common people mistake their acting on-screen to be their reality.

As a common man, I pray for Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Salian, Sridevi, and Jiah Khan. I pray that at least the truth about the mysterious death of Parveen Babi & Divya Bharti is known to everyone.

Identity & Reality – Spiritual Perspective

Who we are, what we are within decides our life & destiny. Based on identity a person makes choices in life – likes-dislikes, right-wrong, good-bad. The words, actions & intentions are the reflections of the real identity of a person.

The mirror shows another face

Another face to hide it all… (Seasons)

It is very important to have a true identity and also to recognize the reality of other people to live a good & sustainable social life. In simple words, the reality of an individual is the personality based on his/her perception & understanding of life.

The reality of a person is not decided by the looks, words & actions

It is reflected in the behavior, tone & intentions

It is not very difficult to understand an individual without being connected in person. By giving only simple attention to the words, actions & intentions of a person we can understand their reality. The understanding of other people becomes even better if we follow & practice spiritual life & living.

The principles or fundamentals of life are forever the same only the system or pattern changes. And in every age, there is a crisis and time for change or transformation. Every kingdom, government organization, or system is always established by good people with good intentions and capabilities. But with time every system goes through friction, wear and tear and needs maintenance until it becomes old and obsolete and then a new system evolves.

It is very important to have a spiritual understanding & perception of life. We need to understand other people – honestly & consciously, i.e. without any judgments or opinions. We must understand our family & friends well to have a good relationship with mutual love & respect. We must understand important people & public figures to make the right choice of leaders, ideals & icons of social life.


Identity & Reality – Spiritual Leaders

In present times there are few important Spiritual leaders to help & guide humanity on the spiritual path – Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, Mata Amritanandmayi Deviji, Baba Ramdevji, and some others.

I recognize Sadhguru as a spiritual leader whom I follow as an inspiration. I have never met any Spiritual Guru but I pray for the day when I become totally ready & receptive so that Guru will find me & come to me. There is no competition or comparison in spiritual ways of life.

All the spiritual leaders are important in different aspects of spiritual & social life. They have contributed to society, humanity beyond the barriers of religion, caste, language, regional or national identity. It is important to understand that Spirituality is contemporary. The sages & rishis of ancient Bharat lived & worked as per the life & living environment in the olden days. The Kings & their families lived a wealthy life & there were common people also who were poor as per the standards of living & status of those times.

But it is important to recognize the reality of a spiritual leader also so that the common people do not make the mistake of following Ram Rahim of the Dera Sacha Sauda organization or Asaram Bapu as leaders who were in-fact misleading people. Although the meanings of life & reality are different for different people as per the perception of life but with a spiritual perspective all the differences can be removed. Spirituality unites people.


My Identity & Reality – I am just a common man of Bharat. I often share with people that it is very important to be involved & informed enough to survive & serve the people, society & nation. I don’t work for an individual person but for humanity. I don’t love everyone but I don’t hate anyone. I cannot make everyone happy but I don’t hurt anyone. Essentially I work for the existence that is collective & universal so as to make my life & existence better. The efforts & Karma improve my life for every bit of time & energy invested. I recognize it as a spiritual living with a conscious humane sense.

I have many identities in life but fundamentally I have only one identity that is my reality –

I am a devoted spiritual seeker

It is very important for every individual to have a clear identity so as to live a simple life. The immensity & profoundness of life as a human being is simply to be spiritually conscious.



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