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Today as we look around us, we find chaos everywhere in every field. The havoc not only on roads or societies but in our minds also causes extreme torment. The current situation that the world is facing for a year or two has somewhat developed a huge fear in the minds and hearts of people for their life and living. The chaotic events in minds lead to an imbalance of the emotional, mental and spiritual well being of a human.

Understanding more, the mental and emotional balance of a human can be controlled somewhere and can be got back to. But when it comes to spiritual well-being, it becomes complicated to maintain that equilibrium. Now, what does Spirituality in the general sense mean? If put in one line it can be said, it is a  broad concept with room for many perspectives. On a general note, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. It is a Universal human experience- something that touches us all.

People may describe a spiritual experience as sacred or transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. However, the personal definition of spirituality may differ throughout life, adapting to the experiences that one has.

As long as spiritual intelligence is concerned, it says to be the capacity of an individual to possess a socially relevant purpose in life by understanding ‘self’ and having a high degree of conscience, compassion, commitment to human values.

In today’s era, when lives aren’t pausing even for a moment to let the living being enjoy it’s charm, spiritual well being is certainly something that matters the most- to keep oneself alive from within. People in the race of life to be at the top, forget to accept and relish the fact that to feed the tummy one earns grains but to feed the soul, what are you earning? The answer to this question most of the time is on a negative slope and we keep aside the most important factor to be discussed and thought upon.

Ignoring mental and emotional and spiritual well-being can cause a major plague later after. It is as simple as that, any building to be strong enough to live for the longest of its capacity should have a strong foundation. If the foundation will be ill-treated then how come we expect the building to serve to its longest capacity.

Spiritual intelligence not just spiritually serves the person only, rather it helps understand people, the purpose of their existence to see the things they are. It helps enjoy an increased ability to pick out the actions, experiences, beliefs, and values that create greater meaning and purpose. It may be noted that the ‘self-healing’ therapy- Spirituality helps make an animal a human being, making him grasp and live the beauty of life and feel the sheer existence of oneself in the Universe.

But unfortunately, as a society, instead of moving towards spiritual topics, we’ve moved away from them. Sadly, the major pursuits of the last 30 years have been largely focused on the acquisition of materialistic wealth. Yet for some reason the topic of spirituality is often considered taboo.

But at the crack of the dawn, one can turn the page of life from totally a materialistic one to the spiritual one. The deep sense of it says it expands the capacity to understand others at the deepest level, it allows one to discern both the ‘true cause’ of behavior without judgment, it serves ‘true needs’ of others until they learn to meet their own needs.

If we talk about Religion, it cannot be argued that Religion is a different aspect from spirituality for it mostly talks about the conscience and is the only Universal experience that touches all lives. On the contrary, Religion is something that drives us to attain such spiritual well being. It can be considered one of the driving forces of spiritualism. But when the concept of religion is merged with it, it can make a vast difference in society by educating people about the gift of life being given to each individual and can guide them to make the most out of it.

Hence, to lead to the mystery of life, spirituality is the only way through.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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