Sports, Fitness and Wellness (SFW) Market to Grow from USD 35 Billion to USD 90 Billion by 2022: Praxis Global Alliance Report with YourNest as thought Partners


  • Sized at $35 billion in 2016, SFW sector to grow at a CAGR of 17% to reach $90 billion by 2022

  • Report highlights that demand for SFW products and services globally grows exponentially at per capita income of $4K, Indian market is at the cusp of a rapid growth with per capita income of USD 1.7K

  • Growing awareness about healthy life style with 45% people thinking of leading a healthy life as a priority, 60% and 21% disapproving of  smoking & drinking simultaneously

  • SFW opportunity from merchandizing, branding, product varianting is >2.5 times larger than the sports gear and equipment itself.


Praxis Global Alliance, a global business research and solutions firm, along with its thought partner YourNest, an early stage venture capital fund today unveiled a global report on the emerging market of Sports, Fitness and Wellness (SFW) market in India. The report highlights the potential of SFW market to grow from $35 billion in 2016 to $90 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 17% in India. The report titled ‘Health is indeed Wealth’ confirms the trend of growing health awareness with 45% people prioritizing healthy life and 60% and 21% disapproving of smoking & drinking simultaneously.


Among the key consumer categories like apparel, food, etc. of ~USD 203 billion, the SFW play stands at $35 billion in 2016. The report points outthe huge growth opportunity for the play in India across sectors. The report also highlights the catalyzing impact on the peripheral products and services industry that will create 2.5 times more opportunities in SFW segment. While developed markets like South Korea and Canada has per capita spend on sportswear and functional food at $128 and $45 simultaneously, India has a huge growth headroom with current per capita spending on sportswear and functional food market standing ata small $7.7 and $2 respectively.


While releasing the report, Nidhi Agarwal, Entrepreneur in Residence at YourNest & Domain Leader with Praxis commented, “Wellness and wellness inspired Fitness is at the same stage basic healthcare was 7-10 years back. With the affordability that virtual channels extends to companies and increasing need of customer to monitor wellness / fitness with technology, higher allocation of income has started to emerge. This will increasingly include mental wellness, sports as fitness regimes etc. which then opens the purchase basket for likes of advanced wearables and monitoring technologies as well.


Commenting on the occasion, Madhur Singhal, Managing Director with Praxis Global Alliance, said, Most of our Consumer goods and services clients are getting more sophisticated and nuanced about segmentation. Millennials want to live better, eat better and feel better and SFW-led brands will grow in appeal due to the promise of a more fulfilling consumption experience.


Sunil Goyal, MD & Fund Manager, YourNest Venture Capital

Sunil Goyal, Managing Director and Fund Manager, YourNest commented, “This report highlights the huge potential of Indian SFW segment which is evident with increasing investments in the sector. SFW is attracting investment not only from VC and PE funds but several profitable verticals. As investors focused on evolving technologies, we are already invested in this space through COVE net which is an end to end SMART IoT wearables platform and Momspresso, which is India’s largest platform for wellness of Moms.YourNest will continue to focus on investing in breakthrough deep technologies that will cater to changing consumer needs and demands.”


According to the report, growth in the SFW segment will be driven by categories like beauty treatments, fortified / functional packaged food, sports, personal care products, beauty centers and dietary supplements that are likely to grow at a CAGR of 20-30% till 2022. Increasing affluence, sedentary lifestyle, increasing awareness about fitness and development in sports infrastructure has led to greater consumer interest towards the segment that has in turn led to larger investor interest in sports, fitness and wellness (SFW) segment.


About Praxis Global Alliance

Praxis Global Alliance is a global, technology-led business solutions company. Praxis is pioneering the concept of ‘outcome-oriented consulting’ by embedding its experts and team members in clients through the lifecycle of a business problem. Praxis implements and delivers solutions to toughest business problems by combining business analytics, practitioner domain expertise and business research. Praxis advises C-suite executives in global & local corporations, and believes that clients should get a very high ROI on their consulting and digital spends.


Praxis works with clients across sizes and verticals across India, Middle East and USA, solving a wide variety of organizational/business challenges. Praxis team is global and diverse with >500 years of domain expertise, 25+ proprietary IP and databases and impactful delivery across more than 250 engagements.


Clients of Praxis love Praxis for our practical and ‘get things done’ attitude to engagements we work together on. Praxis is breaking the conventional consulting inhibitions by embedding itself in clients as an ‘equal team member’ who is flexible, persuasive and technology-led to enable agile outcomes.


Praxis believes in ‘Building together, winning together’.


About YourNest

YourNest is an early stage venture capital fund founded in 2012 by Sunil K Goyal, Sanjay Pande and Girish Shivani. It invests in proven revenue, Pre Series A Start Ups. The fund believes in the new connected economy represented by the Internet of Things, Robotics, Electronic System Design, Enterprise SaaS comprising Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain to name a few.


YourNest considers itself an “Enabler” of Entrepreneurs that provides Nurture Capital founded by five partners with extensive operational and leadership development skills. They have established experience in global exits on earlier investments – besides a well-known Advisor base. The fund has an enviable network of professionals, innovators, business leaders, coaches and mentors, and offers one of the best eco-systems for any startup.


YourNest’s Fund I of $15M, has been fully committed to 16 companies. The Fund was the “Youngest VC Fund” in India to be featured in the Top 10 Ranking by Returns in Preqin’s Ranking of VC and PE funds across Sectors and Vintage. “YourNest India VC Fund II” is focused on leveraging evident unmet funding needs ranging from $0.5-1M in its chosen domains.


Source: NV1


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