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Sri Sri Advocates Consensus Approach to Ayodhya

Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar opined that courts cannot resolve the Ayodhya issue that has been simmering for over 500 years and advocated that both the warring parties should work towards a “comfortable” solution.

Arriving in Goa on Friday evening for the Anandotsav 2010 to be held at Colva, Sri Sri was speaking to media persons when he said that Lord Ram is not just a Hindu God, but the cultural identity of the entire nation.

He opined that many muslims do not feel any attachment to the Babri Masjid but want peace and prosperity.

Sri Sri suggested that India should look at Ayodhya from the tourism angle and exploit its potential to attract visitors. He pointed out that while other countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia have exploited their links with Ramayana for tourism, India has failed to encash on it.


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