St Joseph’s Hospice to be shut down in Tamil Nadu

The Revenue Divisional Officer has issued orders to shut-down the St Joseph’s Hospice in Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpet immediately after the senior citizens residing there are shifted to other aged-homes.

The order comes after the hospice a few days ago came under investigations for transporting two senior citizens and a dead body in a ambulance-cum-truck stocked with vegetables.

Speaking to media, Noor Mohammad, Revenue Divisional Officer said, “The main reason for shutting down the ‘home for dying destitute’ is that the hospice does not have a licence. It has been operating its cemetery without a licence too. Until investigations are complete, the license will not be renewed.”

He further added, “We are shifting all the the inmates at the hospice to another home. We will enquire about the addresses and move them to the place of their choice.’

86 elders of which 63 are males and 23 females were being kept at the hospice without their consent and are being shifted out of the hospice.

Sources told that the hospice has reportedly buried over 1500 destitute bodies, but the due procedures were not followed in burying the deceased, since the names and other details of many of the deceased were not registered with the local revenue officials as mandatory.

The horrors at St Joseph Hospice came to light when an old woman named Anamal screamed for help from inside the ambulance cum truck and alerted a motorist nearby.

She was being transported to the home without her consent, along with another elderly man and a dead body stacked up against vegetables.

Post the shocking incident, it has been learned that there have been complaints in the past against St Joseph’s Hospice, with some residents raising questions over its functioning, alleging that the organisation is involved in an illegal organ trade racket.

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