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Starting from scratch in a different state

Sera Jacob is a Chartered Accountant from Kottayam, Kerala. She was practising as a CA in a renowned firm in Kerala. She moved to Goa as she got married to the guy settled down in Goa. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What difference do you see in Kerala and Goa?

Sera: There’s a cultural as well as clothing difference. I’ve not tasted much of a Goan food but I liked Goan Fish Thali, I tried in a restaurant. Architecture is similar to Kerala except for antique Portuguese houses. The climate is much better in Goa as it is really hot in Kerala. How do you find Goa?

Sera: Goa is a quiet and calm place. I get to see greenery everywhere. People here are simple. The state is not crowded. The traffic is also lesser. And people here are really into cleanliness. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Sera: Central Government seems to be not concerned about what people think and want. Though Kerala was well prepared as it expected Pandemic and took good measures to prevent it back then. The Government could control the Pandemic better as India is densely populated and overly crowded. The labours faced most problems during the lockdown. Had the lockdown was properly planned with facilities, it would have been so much better for the citizens. How Covid-19 has affected you?

Sera: Lockdown has done more good for me though. My husband and I hardly met before marriage. Lockdown was a good period that we both got to know each other well. I also learnt cooking and got plenty of time for my own self. It was a nice experience. What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Sera: I see better opportunities here than Kerala. There are multiple companies and start-ups in Goa. Kerala has more financial Institutes as far as I have seen. There’s no co-working space in Kerala that I am aware of like Goa has.


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