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State Approaches Centre Over Visa Issue


Goa government has taken up with the Union Minister for External Affairs S M Krishan the problems posed to its tourism industry due to the visa policy of the Union Government.
The main concern at the moment is the three weeks time it takes to issue Visas which is proving to be a big deterrent for Europeans wishing to visit Goa for a holiday.
In fact, the first chartered flight from Poland that was expected to land in Goa in the first week of November has been delayed because of this problem.

Tourism Director Swapnil Naik revealed that the Union Minister has assured the Goa government that the policy will be reviewed and Visas will be issued within a week or 10 days at the maximum.
However, the other issue wherein foreigners wishing to stay in India for extended period have to wait for a one month for the Visa to return to India if they go out of the country, is yet to be resolved.
From Goan perspective, foreign tourists and Russians in particular prefer to spend their entire winter in the warmer climate here and very often live in India from November to March.
However, in between if they decide to visit some other country, they cannot return to India and Goa and are forced to stay somewhere else for one month before being issue the Visa.


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