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State Election Commission files complaint with Crime Branch over 2.37 crore voters data-leak

The State Crime Branch has registered a case following a complaint received from the State Election Commission (SEC) relating to alleged data leakage of 2.67 crore voters.

According to the complaint filed by the Joint Chief Electoral Officer P Krishnadasan, data of 2.67 crore voters was leaked during the recently concluded Assembly election in the State.

The data was leaked from a computer in the State Election Commission office here.

In the previous Assembly election, the double voting issue was raised by former Opposition leader and Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala after the theft of the data.

In March last, Ramesh Chennithala has disclosed a list of 4.34 lakh rigged voters in 140 Assembly constituencies in Kerala through a website ‘’.

He revealed the huge number of rigged voters when Chief Electoral Officer Teekaram Meena confirmed that there are only 38,000 double votes in the voters list.

Mr Chennithala alleged that the rigged voters were added in different booths in the same constituency.

The voters were added in other constituencies by using same photo of the rigged voters and different address and ID proofs, he added.

Meanwhile, CPI(M) countered the argument alleging that the Opposition leader uploaded details of 4.34 lakh people in a website having Singapore based IP address.

CPI(M) leader M A Baby alleged that the Opposition leader handed over the personal details of 4.34 lakh people to a Singapore company without their permission and termed it as a data leakage.

Earlier, the Kerala High Court directed the Election Commission to ensure that those who have multiple votes are casting only one vote during the election.

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