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State Expects INR 3.65 Crore Annual Revenue From Passenger Ships

The state government expects annual revenue of Rs 3.65 crore through its passenger ships which ferry people from different islands in the state to the mainland.
River Navigation Minister Ramakrishna Dhavalikar on Wednesday informed the state legislative assembly that 12 ferry boat routes, by which people travel to the mainland, exist in Goa and 17 ferry boats are pressed on these routes. He also said that people living on Islands will not be charged for the service but other commuters will be charged at Rs 2 per head and Rs 5 per two-wheeler. “The government has identified seven islands where the commuters would be free”, he added further.

Dhavalikar said that charging the commuters and two wheelers is based on the recommendation of the committee appointed by the government to study River Navigation Department and suggest improvements in the functioning of the department. The minister stated that additional 20 ticket collectors will be required initially if the toll fee is to be collected from the commuters and two wheelers.

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