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“State heading towards health emergency:” Gujarat High Court takes suo motu cognizance of surge in COVID, hearing tomorrow

The Gujarat High Court on Sunday took suo motu cognizance of the spike in COVID-19 cases in the State along with the shortage in testing facilities, beds and medical infrastructure to deal with the same.

Chief Justice Vikram Nath said that media reports indicated that the State is heading towards a health emergency and passed an order in this regard registering the case title “In Re: Uncontrolled Upsurge and Serious Management Issues in COVID Control.”

“The newspapers, news channels are flooded with the harrowing tales, unfortunate and unimaginable difficulties, unmanageable conditions of the infrastructure, the shortfall and the deficit of not only testing, availability of beds, ICU, but also supply of Oxygen and the basic medicines like Ramdesivir, etc.,” the order noted.

Had it been stray news here and there, I could have ignored it but the volume of report in the leading newspapers having nationwide circulation cannot be ignored, the Chief Justice added.

In this regard reliance was placed on articles that appeared in Indian Express and Times of India

“The aforementioned articles are just a few depicting the picture and a bare perusal of the same would indicate that the State is heading towards a health emergency of sorts,” the Court observed.

It is, therefore, the time that the Court must intervene, the order said.

The Chief Justice, therefore, constituted a Bench comprising himself and Justice Bhargav D Karia at the residence of Chief Justice on Monday at 11 am to hear the suo motu case.


Via Bar & Bench
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