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State Ordered To Stop Mine In Netravali

National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) standing committee has ordered Goa chief wildlife warden to stop a mine operating near Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

In a letter to the Government of Goa on 23rd November, the Deputy Inspector General Prakriti Srivastava has told the state to submit a complete report on M/s A. X. Poi Palondikar’s mine immediately to the Union Environment and Forest Ministry, which they suspect to be operational in full swing since last two weeks.

NBWL standing committee, in their 18th meeting had M/s A. X. Poi Palondikar’s proposal for production of iron ore with the production capacity of 0.20 million tonnes per annum and expansion in manganese ore because the mine was 5.3 kms in South-East and 6.5 kms in East of the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary .

The committee felt that the mining activities would have an adverse effects on the wildlife and environment, after which it unanimously decided to reject the proposal.

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