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State Police To Seek RBI’s Help On Lottery Scam

Now State Police will take help from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to crack down on the e-mail and lottery scam going on in the state, informed Deputy Inspector General of Police Ravindra Yadav.

Admitting that it was a matter of concern, he said that people were falling prey to these gangs, who are mostly international criminals and further added that in several cases, the gangs operate a certain bank account and abandon it after getting money from the victim.

These gangs send e-mails or text messages on the mobile phones of the victims informing them about winning a lottery amounting to millions. The victims that fall prey to these prank e-mail or sms are asked to pay a processing fee to get the lottery amount. People have been spending money, amounting to lakhs, in a bid to become rich overnight, informed Yadav.

Pointing out that the ‘know your customer’ (KYC) policy of the banks usually doesn’t allow dubious customers to open accounts, he said that but the increasing competition among the banks to get more clients has left KYC policy ignored on several instances.

He then informed that the help of the RBI’s regional office would be taken to crack down on these gangs and further added that the police have appealed to the people to refrain from entertaining any such emails or sms.

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