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State To Maintain Database Of Tainted Officials

In a bid to curb corruption in the State, the vigilance department has decided to maintain a list of tainted government officials.

The heads of departments (HoDs) have been issued a circular instructing them to prepare a database of government officers having ‘doubtful integrity’ and also the ones who might be involved in corrupt practices.

The department has also decided to keep them away from sensitive departments if they fail to improve their conduct over a period of time.

Similarly, lists of likely places of corruption, unscrupulous contractors, suppliers or firms and also those facilitating corruption will also be maintained.

Superintendent of Police of the anti-corruption branch Bosco George informed that the information available with various departments of the government could be used to provide “clean and efficient” administration.

The vigilance department will conduct an inquiry after which if an officer is found to have improved over a period of time, his name could be deleted from the list.

George said that this activity will be mainly conducted to give corruption-free governance and further added that those officers whose names figure in the list will be kept away from sensitive departments.

The department has also directed the HoDs to keep the list confidential and ensure that the contents of the list are not leaked.

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