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State To Set Up Monitoring Stations to Curb Petrol Smuggling

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday informed that monitoring stations would be set up on the State’s border to ensure that petrol from Goa is not smuggled into the neighbouring states.

State’s BJP government has recently reduced petrol prices from Rs 66 to Rs 55 by exempting value added tax, making it cheapest in the country.

Parrikar said that petrol pumps on the state’s borders would be strictly checked to ensure that petrol is not smuggled to neighbouring states where it is costlier. He was speaking after the swearing-in ceremony of ministers held on Sunday.

“There are a few vehicles that come to Goa from neighbouring states only to fill petrol as it is cheaper here”, he said.

He said people who refuel their vehicle tanks while going back after holidaying in Goa cannot be stopped, but at the same time they will not be allowed to take petrol in cans and barrels.


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