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Stepping towards Digital India

COVID has taken a toll on everyone. From physical to mental health, the impact has been severe and serious. Many have lost loved ones while many are in a financial crisis. Some irreversible changes have been made in the lives of people all across the world. Currently, the epitome of equality, the Chinese Virus has taught us many lessons. One of them being the importance of the initiative of Digital India by PM Narendra Modi.

Something which has helped us survive in these pandemic times, the Digital India program has come a long way. It has helped people from all classes, occupations, and socioeconomic statuses. While the virus rampaged across the country during the second wave, almost all the people were directly or indirectly affected positively, just because of the digitization of the amenities. From basic to secondary needs, Digital India has helped the country and its people in numerous ways.

The students who missed their college and school days benefitted from this drive. Not only did the classes take place online, but the exams and vivas too! This ensured that all the classes of people know how to use technology fruitfully. Given that it was hard to adapt for many, it made us realize the importance of a teacher and the way they teach in a class. With this new challenge, arose new tactics.

Our justice system too experienced drastic changes. With no in-court hearings, it was a challenge for them to provide justice. By the awareness of digital India, the proceedings were made possible. Apart from virtual hearings and judgments; petitions, arguments, and online reporting on law journals were transformed into a reality that helped the courts to reach and educate more people. The amount of awareness they spread on COVID is commendable and the Digital India initiative had a huge part to play in it.

We all were worried about our health. Cash payments were being ignored and if there was no UPI and other online payment options, we can’t even imagine our condition. Digital India has brought with it a revolution in many areas. Going cashless is the new modern. The people have now started trusting the process and are not hesitant to use payment apps wherever they can. Online shopping also saw a boom whilst the pandemic. Gone are the days when people had techno panic related to digitization. After the pandemic struck, we finally trusted these helpful initiatives brought by the Modi government.

When citizens are comfortable on the internet, we see the real success of this initiative. From starting fundraisers for the needy to asking for medical assistance during a health crisis, Digital India is the one that overcame these obstacles and proved to be one of the best schemes implemented by PM Modi. Not only did it save lives, but it also gave people hope too.

The corporate world also adapted to this initiative by strengthening its online presence. The new market is online and Digital India is the way to go. The initiative made India a hot spot for startups and international investments amid the pandemic. Social media apps are brought in which are 100% Indian and promote true free speech unlike the microblogging site Twitter. India’s economy is on a path for improvement and Digital India has further helped this important cause as many small shops have now gone digital. Today, an online presence means business and new opportunities to learn.

(Source: The Scribblr)

Digital India has helped us in many ways. The most important one being the vaccination drive. From Aarogya Setu to CoWin, digitization in India has come a long way in a quick time. We should be proud that we adapted to this in such a short time and did not let our lives completely stop just because of a disease. It shows us our perseverance towards surviving no matter what.


This pandemic has not only made us independent but also given us a chance to rely on technology. While it is not entirely a good thing, the fact that we can adapt so quickly tells us that a pandemic cannot stop us from learning and earning. While many might argue that digitization is evil, it is illogical to deny that in many forms; it has saved many lives. Digital transformation was something that was needed even before this, but the importance has come up only now. It’s high time we realize digital is the next war.

Vishnoo Jotshi

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