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Still awaiting declaration of Ministers Wealth in Foreign Accounts: IAC Goa to CM

India against Corruption – Goa is still awaiting the declaration of the Cabinet ministers of the state on whether they have any foreign bank accounts as exposed by and subsequently by other local newspapers.

Post the visit of IAC Goa members, the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat spoke to media refuting all allegations of possessing any foreign bank accounts and had also assured the IAC Goa team that he would be writing to his Cabinet ministers asking them to declare the same. However, so far IAC Goa states that they have not seen any progress on the matter.

Advocate Satish Sonak, coordinator, IAC Goa has written a reminder letter to the CM asking him to take necessary steps to honor his commitment. The letter states, “India against Corruption would like to know whether you have sent the necessary letters to Ministers and if sent whether the Ministers are declining or evading responding to your request. You are hereby urged to prevail upon your Cabinet colleagues to follow your example and thereby clear doubts in the minds of the people.

It further states that such a course of action is utmost necessary in the interest of healthy functioning of democracy. There are apprehensions that if there is a delay caused in ascertaining foreign bank accounts of Ministers; they might take advantage of the delay for the purpose of transferring the wealth or withdrawing the same from foreign banks. Therefore kindly honor your word at the earliest.

It may be recalled that IAC Goa planned to conduct dharnas at all ministers’ houses in failure of their declaration of the foreign bank account details, however, the CM assurance had placated them for some time.


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