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Stones adjacent to the steps in the KRS dam sink triggering panic

Mandya: More than 30 stones adjacent to the wall of the steps in the historic KRS dam have sunk triggering panic on Monday.

Officials said on Monday that the incident took place even as rumors regarding development of cracks in the KRS dam structure is still fresh in people’s memories.

The stones of the wall adjacent to the steps near the 80 plus feet gates that lead to the Brindavan gardens and Kaveri statue from the dam have reportedly sunk.

The movement of people in this area was prohibited keeping in mind the safety of the dam structure. This incident has increased the fear of probable danger due to the stone quarrying at the nearby ‘Baby Betta.’

These steps were constructed using sand and surki which have sunk due to incessant rains.

However, inspection is going on under the supervision of the Superintendent Engineer of the Kaveri Neeravari Nigama. Officials have also clarified that there is no need to panic about the sinking of the stones.

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