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Open Letter to Mamata Banerjee: Stop the rape of women in Bengal

I defer in my political idealogy from you Mamata Banerjee.

And let me also be honest, I dislike your brand of politics. I personally think the politics of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) is poisonous for the secular social fabric of India.

Politics of fear last a while but eventually it crumbles under the politics of hope.

This letter of mine is not to discuss politics with you or our political differences. It is to stir the humanity in you.

I woke up this morning to read a piece of horrific news; that in a petition filed by rape survivors of atrocities in West Bengal in the Supreme Court:

A 60-year old grandmother was gang-raped in front of her 6-year old grandson by rapists from TMC on May 4th and May 5th in the village of Purba Medinipur.

In another case, a  17-year-old girl from the Scheduled Caste community told Supreme Court that she was gang-raped by TMC workers and left to die in the jungle on May 9. The next day, a local TMC leader, Bahadur SK, came to her house and threatened to burn her house and kill her family if she filed a police complaint

Another woman who moved the application said her husband, who campaigned for BJP, was identified and assaulted with axes in broad daylight on May 14 and she was made to helplessly witness the assault. She was then disrobed and grabbed as two members of the mob attempted to rape her.

These are some of the cases that have been reported and have reached the eyes of the SC. There could be more cases that were never reported.

I remember Bengal and the women of Bengal being a symbol of power and tenacity. Women are the source of the positive energy that engulfs Bengal. Bengal is the land of the Power of the Devi.

It is disturbing that women in Bengal are being disrespected and raped in such a brutal manner because of a difference in their political ideology.

The trauma of a 60-year old grandmother being raped in front of her 6-year old grandson. The scar on that child and the helplessness in that grandmother.

Rapists commit their crimes without fear of repercussions if they believe that the law is too weak to catch up with them or they have the protection of powers that control them. And gang rapists form the worst scum on earth because they decide to exhibit their manliness in a gang on poor innocent and defenseless people.

The rape of women in West Bengal is a blot on the idea of Bengal and its people that you so proudly talk about. Everything good that the people of Bengal stands for is lost when it cannot protect its own women and when rapists belong to the political party ruling the state are the alleged perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

These women are being targeted because they did not support the TMC. This simply means TMC is not a democratic party but a party whose principles are embedded in fascism. It is ironic that you mouth words of secularism and democracy but your own party workers trample on the basic values of secularism and democracies. So what if people voted for the BJP? Does that give the TMC rapists the right to go out and rape women who did not support TMC?

Stop the rape in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee!

You were elected to protect your women. In your fight against the leaders at the Centre, you have forgotten the vulnerable people in your own state, this has led to your own TMC rapists going out and raping women in your state who do not follow TMC idealogy.

This lawlessness must be nipped in the bud immediately. Sometimes when you allow evil to persists, it has an intrinsic nature to take you to hell with it.

Bengal greatest strength is its women and it is also its greatest weakness. If you respect the women in Bengal, Bengal will respect you back. You know this to be a fact Mamata Banerjee. Do not watch silently and evil continues to go on a rampage. Keep your political differences aside and think as a leader of Bengal.

Stop the rape of women in Bengal.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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