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Stop using cars, switch to cycles if you want mining banned: CM

In a direct dig at the anti-mining activists, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar speaking at the two-day seminar on ‘sustainable mining’ organised by the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries expressed that those who talk about banning mining operations must stop using cars and switch over to cycles.

“We don’t have right to talk about environment if we are using cars. We are also damaging the environment,” said the Chief Minister.

During his talk at the event, Parrikar who is also the Minister for Mines made a subtle reference to the difference in the role of the judiciary and government.”Economic trajectory of the nation has to be decided by the government. It should not be decided by others (pillars of democracy). Mining is basic pillar of economy. We are cutting down the basic pillars of economy, I only hope that the national building of economy does not come down,” elucidated Parrikar.
Sustainability cannot be seen only from ecological angle and it has to be also seen from economic angle, until you do all this exercise and balance it properly, I don’t see that the nation’s economic trajectory can take off,” he commented.

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