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Street Dance Battle Begins Today


Goa’s first ever street dance battle will begin on Thursday, 25th November, at 18th June Road, outside Hotel Fidalgo at 6 pm. Organised by Entertainment Society of Goa and Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event will showcase talented dancers across the state and will be judged by Shane Mendes, the renowned B-boyer of Goa.  
The Extreme Street Dance Battle will see solo dance-offs. The tagline for the competition is hit the streets without fear.  Registrations for the event will be accepted on the spot. Music too will be provided on the spot.  The time limit for each battle will be 6-8 minutes wherein two participants would compete against each other, each showcasing his or her own set of moves on the streets. The winner will be awarded title King of the Streets with prizes worth Rs 10,000.

Extremers Dance Troupe has organized the event as part of the IFFI 2010 Shopping and Food Festival.  Speaking about the event Shane said, “I’m looking forward to see a lot of power moves and blow outs. Street Dancing is one dance form wherein you use your hands and head too besides your feet, therefore you don’t know what to expect.”


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