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Students are confused after 12th Board cancelled

On 1st June 2021, the Government of India decided to cancel the Boards exam for class 12th students this year due to the COVID situation in the country. The Prime Minister of India, after many high-level meetings with the cabinet ministers, decided that the ‘anxiety among the students, parents, and teachers must be put to an end.’ Though the decision has been largely welcomed across the country, some are disappointed by it too.

The 2nd wave of the COVID took a toll on life in India. While many lost their loved ones and some are still struggling with a hope of life, there exists an even larger number of those who became vulnerable to mental issues like anxiety, depression, etc. It is not unnatural at all when people have been locked in their homes for now over a year in a state of uncertainty about what the future holds for them. This has also made the present generation of school and college students come under the clouds of this dark phase our nation is going through.

Thus, declaring the cancellation of the board exams is indeed an appreciated step taken by the Government. Giving one of the most important exams of one’s life under such stressful conditions would not only put these students at risk of getting infected but might also affect their exam performance thereby affecting the very first step of the streak of their career. Board examination is not a one-day and few hours affair. Pupils have to collect in large numbers for several days. This would have required much larger arrangements, even after which being safe couldn’t be guaranteed.

Therefore, across the social media platforms, students have been seen largely celebrating this decision of the government. Giving the gift of ‘anxiety-free’ passing of the exam is what the students are thanking the Prime Minister for. Nevertheless, there also exist some who aren’t happy with the decision and are disappointed that how 13-14 years of their schooling came to an end on a random day without allowing them to prove their calibre and hard work.

We very well know that most of the top colleges in India either conduct national competitions or consider the 12th Boards marks for taking admission in the under-graduate programs. With the latter cancelled, national exams might become the only criteria. Seeing many previous year patterns and knowing how these colleges at no cost compromise with the quality of their students, there are talks amongst the students that the level of questions and the competition might go up. Also, various ways are being considered by the administration to decide on how to give the markings of this cancelled board. One such suggestion is to give the marks based on class 11th exams. The average of the last 3 years is another. Although none of this is final and just talks amongst the parents, teachers, and the students, it certainly adds to the anxiety of those who were preparing for months to compensate for their under-performance for the previous class exams. It is a general tendency in many students to come up with a decision to give their ‘all’ in the final board exam thereby assuring themselves a bright career ahead. Exams of class 11th aren’t taken that seriously and rather even considered as a warm-up thing. The cancellation doesn’t seem to reduce any stress on these students.

One more thing that many might have been left to be considered for now is the phase of life after graduation. With changing times and increasing aspirations, students after graduation are choosing to go for higher studies and thus give various exams like CAT, GATE, etc. Most of these exams judge a student based on his/her academic history along with their score in the main test. Can the IIMs and IITs assure that the students of this particular batch won’t suffer their admission because of anomalous class 12th mark-sheet 4-5 years from now?

The ILO has declared this present generation of children as the ‘lockdown generation’. Many need counselling, many even need rehab due to the increasing cases of domestic violence. The decision of the Government would bear the intended fruits only when they keep these issues under their consideration too. Also, a surety that this decision won’t affect any step whether at present or in the future of their life is what needs to be done.

Life indeed is the most important thing. A quality life is the most desirable. Therefore, it is expected that our Government would take up the role of the ultimate guardian to these young minds and thereby, guide them onto the journey they would have to pick up after passing from their school. How lives would turn out to be and how much fear and speculations would turn up to be true is not for us to take burden about at this present situation of crisis. Perhaps, the students shall focus right now on the ‘art of going with the flow’. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The youngsters are the future doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, etc. If nothing, this present would teach them how to shine despite the brunt of the time for sure.

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