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Sudan: President declares state of emergency, dissolves govt

Khartoum, Feb 23 (GCCurrentAffairs) Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir declared a one-year state of emergency, ordered the parliament to postpone a constitutional reform to allow him to run for another term, and decided to dismiss the national government and the dissolution of state governments.

The announcement was made on Friday night, as recognition by President al-Bashir of the amplitude of the two-month political crisis in Sudan and brutal repression of protests where over 30 people have been killed according to the government, a statement from Sudan Tribune stated.

Al-Bashir said tight economic measures should be adopted by a new government, adding that he would task an executive working team with running the government until the process of dialogue is completed.

He also urged the parliament to postpone constitutional amendments that would allow him to seek a new term.

He stressed the importance of achieving national accord as a strategic goal, saying “there is no alternative except dialogue.”

The president urged the opposition forces to join the national dialogue to engage in consultations regarding current and future issues.

He acknowledged the legitimacy of the protesters’ demands, including improving the country’s economic condition, while criticising some parties which he said attempted to exploit the protests that may lead the country to the unknown.

Since December 2018, Sudan has been witnessing popular protests over the deteriorating economic conditions and basic commodity price hikes.

Before to announce these decisions, the Sudanese president held intensive meetings with the Higher Coordination Committee for Dialogue, which includes his allies in the government.

He also met with the leadership office of the National Congress, while the Foreign Ministry informed the diplomatic missions about these developments

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