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Suniel Shetty invests an undisclosed amount in Vieroots Wellness Solutions

Mumbai: Bollywood stalwart Suniel Shetty has invested an undisclosed amount in Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd (VWS). Registered in 2018, Vieroots is estimated to be valued at around 100 Crores.

Vieroots, founded by noted Wellness evangelist and bio-hacker Sajeev Nair, is a Kochi-based health-tech start-up and pioneer in Personalized Lifestyle Management using Epigenetic science. Vieroots also provides world-class research-based products and services for people who aspire to live healthy and productive lives, with specific focus on productive aging.

Vieroots’ association with celebrity investor Suniel Shetty who’s well known for his passion in the areas of fitness and wellness was fascinated by the pioneering concept authored by Mr. Sajeev Nair, called Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification, gives further impetus to the brand. Suniel Shetty said, “I could relate to the company‘s core values and innovative thought process in the wellness category hence the decision to invest.“

Epigenetic lifestyle modification is a three-step method which includes V genome test, Vieroots App -EPILIMO and a detailed personalized lifestyle modification plan. Through this process one will get every possible information on all disease which may have inherited from their ancestors. This valuable and authentic information will help a person to modify his lifestyle to avert the possible dangers on his health. VIEGENOME test is the most comprehensive genetic predisposition test available in the world which analyses more than 200 different health parameters.

The Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification mobile App, ‘EPLIMO’, is a user-friendly next-generation health & wellness ecosystem converging genetics with AI and robotics and provides a Geno-Metabolic report. Vieroots’ medical and genetic experts create a highly personalized wellness management plan for users based on their genetics and metabolism. The whole process can enhance overall quality of life and support to live long and stay young, physically and mentally.

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