Support from US Companies for Indian Immigrants

In what came as a big support to immigration of Indians to the United States, a report prepared for US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and the American Council of International Personnel (ACIP) as it pointed out that the biggest technology brands of the country like Google, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and Qualcomm, have become what they are because of immigration.
The report particularly defended India and Indians as these words are mentioned in it 43 times as against the next highest China and Chinese which find only 9 references.

While USCC is reported to be the world’s largest business federation that represents more than three million business houses, the ACIP focuses on providing resources and necessary support to advance placement, training and mobility of professionals all over the world.
In the wake of moves by the US government in recent times to cut immigration, the report questions whether America’s two most successful companies over the last decade – Amazon and Apple – could have been more successful if they had not hired skilled foreign nationals.
The report quotes the testimony of Laszlo Bock, VP for People Operations at Google before the House of Representatives Immigration Sub-Committee wherein he cited the case of Krishna Bharat, a native Indian who came to US in 1999 to pursue his PhD from Georgia Tech. Besides earning several patents for his work at DEC Systems Research Centre and Google, Mr. Bharat is today considered to be an authority on search engine. He was also one of the chief creators of Google News, a service that aggregates more than 4,500 English language news websites world over.
Google also mentioned the case of Orkut Buyukkokten, a Turk who studied PhD at Stanford University. After joining Google, Mr. Buyukkokten developed a new social networking service, which Google launched and named after its creator Orkut.

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