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Survival of the Fittest is the new paradigm

Ragesh A.C is a franchisee partner with Ciel HR (from founders of Ma Foi for the state of Goa. His core CIEL business focus was to bring in more client in the state for offering Permanent & Contract hiring services. He lived in Chennai for over two decades and moved to Goa in the month of May. Having married to a Goa settled girl (from Kerala origin), he plans to settle down in Goa. In conversation, with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at How do you plan to grow your business in Goa?

Ragesh: When we started the Goa operations in April 2020, we only had one direct client. The rest of clients I had were all indirect client of CIEL from Pune, Hyderabad, Vadodara, and Indore. The challenge was to have direct clients in Goa. With the pandemic around we struggled initially, but time and hardwork helped us successfully signing good number of clients. We signed off with number of IT companies along with a couple of manufacturing companies. What difficulties Ciel HR faced during COVID-19?

Ragesh: There was a slow monthly revenue for Ciel HR. Also, there was a good decline in numbers of new client sign off. But we focused on Industry like Ecommerce, Pharma which were stable during the pandemic. We focused on bringing new clients. Pharmaceutical Companies along with its branches were active Industries during COVID-19. In the month of August, IT & ITES Industries started slowly picking up. We focussed on industries that were still running and converted them into clients. In your opinion is Goa safe for women?

Ragesh: In my opinion, I do consider Goa safe. My wife is grown-up here. If you are connected to people, they are just a call away, they’ll reach out to you. Some regions may be unsafe in Goa. But it is our duty to reach out to each other during emergencies. Diversity and Inclusivity is the core agenda in the recent time be it in the industry or in the society. Being in the HR business, what gap do you see between college syllabus and the actual Industry?

Ragesh: I have spent most of my life in Chennai. The Engineering College students in my opinion of having interacted and interviewed them over the past several years were lacking in the attitude to upskill. I see the recent generation is showing the big change. Upskilling in any function will scale you up in any form of career growth. Why according to you, people move out of India for work?

Ragesh: Moving out of India is an individual’s choice. I do not blame India nor its policies. Some companies tend to attract individuals through exorbitant benefits, stock options, best compensation. Indian companies or Indian captive unit will need to attract people and offer best industry offering to retain them.  Companies should bring competitive approach to everything they do not just on product, services they offer to client or consumer but also by offering competitive compensation & benefits to the company employees.

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