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Swami Nigamanand Poisoned?

Swami Nigamanand who died following a hunger strike to get the authorities to close down mining along the banks of river Ganga could have actually been poisoned according to reports.
Swami Nigamanand who had gone on an indefinite hunger strike to stop mining near Rishikesh was admitted to the government district hospital at Haridwar on 27th April.

His aides had alleged that their swami was actually poisoned which appears to be true following revelation that a pathological test report indicates presence of high toxins in his body pointing to an organo-phosphate poisoning.
After Swami Nigamanand was shifted to the premier Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences at Dehradun on 4th May, his blood sample was sent for analysis to Delhi.
The pathological report not only establishes the presence of toxins in his body but also establishes that they were present before he was shifted to Dehradun.
According to Nigamanand’s aide Swami Shivanand, he was given an injection on 30th April which he said was an organo phosphate injection. Nigamanand slipped into a coma on 2nd May.
Swami Shivanand has already filed a complaint against the chief medical superintendent of the government district hospital at Haridwar and one Gyanesh Kumar in this connection.

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