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Swamy gets ‘Church’ stand wrong Congress gets ‘Swamy’ stand wrong

In what appears to be a mere ‘paper tiger’ exercise by the dilapidated Congress Unit in Goa, now, a demand has been put forward to the Goa Police for a F.I.R to be registered against BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy for his alleged communal remarks on the HIV+ Children issue in Goa. On the other side Dr Swamy’s FB post focusing on the acts of the Church-run schools towards HIV+ children is devoid of facts.

In his post on Facebook, Swamy, states, “Church or ashram, no child must be discriminated
anywhere for being HIV+.”

He further elaborates, “Schools teach so many things but could not learn a simple fact for themselves that AIDS is a non-infectious disease which means AIDS does not spread by touch or by living with the HIV+ patients.
Still, a church run school called Our Lady of Fatima High School in Rivona, Goa has expeled 13 students who are orphans and are suffering from AIDS. This because the parents of other childrens had complained to school authorities.

The parents also asked school to expel other 23 orphans although they are not HIV-positive.

It was not just this school which showed them the door. After their expulsion, the 13 students were moved to a boarding school run by Salesian priests in Sulcorna, 12 km from Rivona. But after six days, this school too asked the child home to withdraw the children, saying they were facing problems from some parents.

Finally these 13 students were shifted to a school in North Goa.
After facing flaks from various organisations, the school decided not to expel the other 23 orphans from their school.

The children are aged between 6 to15 years.”

In the end of the FB post, Swamy, expresses, “Shame on such schools & those parents who think their children will get affected by HIV if study with HIV+ children or will be spoiled if they study with orphans”.

The Goa Pradesh Congress called it as blatantly false and communal the Facebook posting of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), leader Subramanian Swamy accusing Goa Church school of discrimination by expelling 13 HIV-positive children. Condemning Dr. Swamy’s comments, the party wanted an FIR be filed against him for trying to spread such communal hatred and trying to tarnish Goa’s image on a national level.

Durgadas Kamat, spokesperson and joint organising secretary of Pradesh Congress told media reporters that he would file a police complaint on the issue today. The church stood firmly for the HIV-positive students admitted in the school at Rivona in south Goa, despite pressure from parents of other students, he said

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