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Swarnim Vijay Varsh celebrated

Panaji: Swarnim Vijay Varsh was celebrated in the city on Tuesday.

The nation is celebrating the golden Jubilee year of the Victory of India over Pakistan in the 1971 war fought between two nations. The Central Government decided to celebrate fifty years of the said victory and in commemoration launched nationwide golden Jubilee Victory torch yatra. The golden Jubilee victory torch arrived in Goa on September 9, 2021 and Swarnim Vijay Varsh celebrations were held at Azad Maidan on Tuesday.
Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai, while addressing said,”It was a brave act of our disciplined Armed forces who registered victory over rival nation Pakistan during 1971 Indo Pak war. All three wings of army collectively coupled with discipline fought against Pakistan.”

He said,”The victory over Pakistan was the greatest achievement of our nation. The war was fought for two weeks where in our military had played important role to sustain human race peace and democracy in the belt and also contributed to the sovereignty of the nation.”

The Goverñor said the war helped the Bangladeshi people to achieve freedom and to establish itself as an independent nation. He felt privileged to honour the living legends of that war, he added.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, in his address, said he was proud to honour those legends who participated in the war. The motive behind nationwide march of golden Jubilee victory torch was to revoke among Indians the feeling of patriotism and nationalism. It was a proud moment to welcome the arrival of the Victory torch in the State, he said and praised the bravery of those who participated and made the victory a reality. This event he said will culminate into recalling the valour, bravery of military personnel and memories of war thereby creating a sense of nationalism and patriotism among youth and people as well, he added.

The golden jubilee victory torch upon its arrival at the venue of the function was received with high honour by the Governor and the Chief Minister.

The 2 Signal Taekwando team performed acts of taekwando while the First battalion of NCC Goa performed traditional fisherfolk dance of Goa on the occasion.

Brig A S Sahani appreciated the Goa Government for its various initiatives towards the welfare of Ex- Servicemen.
Brave Women veterans and those involved in the War 1971 were honoured at the hands of the Governor and the Chief Minister. They included Spouse of Lt Francis Xavier, Sandra D Costa, Navy Virchakra recipient Adml Rt Arun Prakash, Col Arjun Deva, Lt Col Rt R Karwal, Lt Col Rt Kishanlal Srivas, Subhedar Ramchandra Gawas, Ex M Mech Jagannath Shirodkar, Ex Corporal Damodar J Kamat and others.

Chief Secretary Parimal Rai, NCC Cadets, Staff of 2- Signal Training Centre, were among those who attended the function.

Eventually, the Chief Minister handed over the torch of victory to the bearers to proceed for their further journey.

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