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Swift Court needed for Working Professionals – Fight Workplace Bullying

Are you an Indian Employee? 

Are you a student who is going to join the workplace soon? 

This is the signature campaign you MUST sign. 

  1. The working community of India is the largest tax-paying group.
  2. Yet the most ignored by all Governments that have come and gone.
  3. The Labour force constitutes of workers and are deemed blue collared. This section of the working community has an efficient Labour Court and Labour laws to represent them when they are violated or mistreated with quick response time, so they don’t stay unemployed for long.
  4. However, for the last 70 years white collared i.e., Corporate employees have been left in the lurch.
  5. Honest employees with strong ethics who work within the bounds of law often face threats, lobby’s and workplace bullies while reporting financial fraud, whistleblowing, or sexual harassment at the workplace. Such an employee is often terminated, and career stalked, thus left with only one option – TO FILE A CIVIL LAWSUIT THAT TAKES AS MUCH AS 20 YEARS FOR A DECISION.
  6. India’s abused, violated white collared/corporate employees don’t litigate against such unethical organizations or its management because they have ZERO support from Government and Corporate laws.
  7. Their career halts for as long as a case is on, and they don’t have the recourses to fight for justice from a company for two decades.
  8. The absence of a clear and swift legal provision compels employees to cow down to poor management, let weak organizational ethics thrive and let bullying leaders at the workplace continue.
  9. Government has a responsibility toward the strongest tax paying citizens pool – The Working India. Absence of Swift Courts and Tribunals is counterproductive to making India Corruption Free.

The Government talks of Foreign Direct Investments, World class workforce and Corruption free India as the future of this Country. The first step is to support law abiding working community of India.

It is time, India changes for a better tomorrow that promises a fairer, Safer workplace for our next generations. Corruption has to stop. Sexual Predators at the Workplace have to be stopped. Workplace Bullying has to stop. Retaliation against Whistleblowing has to stop.

We need Swift Courts. We need Tribunals. We need Legislation Changes.

This campaign is open to all working Indian professionals of any rank, role, industry, or region. This is your chance to participate in a National level ACTION for CHANGE that pertains to the life of every WORKING PROFESSIONAL.

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Seema Raghunathan

A Business & HR professional with forty percent of career in leading an HR Business consultancy. The remainder of her 24-year work experience was spent in Corporate India. Her experience traversed respected brands like Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Fullerton India, and John Deere with exposure in Banks, NBFC, Insurance, ITES, and Manufacturing & Consulting.
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