Swimmers Beware: Portuguese-Man-of-War spotted on Baga beach

Drishti Marine lifeguards have spotted a cluster of Portuguese-Man-Of-War, a jelly-like marine organism commonly known as Bluebottle or Floating Terror which were washed ashore on Baga beach North Goa on Friday.

Picture courtesy – National Geographic Portuguese Man at War

According to a statement here, the Bluebottle jelly-like marine organism spotted were less than an inch in size and Drishti Marine, a state appointed agency, have alerted the tourism department about the same.
Marine animals, jellyfish are of two kinds- toxic and non-toxic. And while most jellyfish stings are harmless to humans and cause only a mild irritation; species like Bluebottle are venomous and can cause harm on contact. Even a dead Bluebottle washed up on shore can deliver a sting.
Drishti Marine advised locals as well as the tourists not to venture into the sea on Baga beach as the Bluebottle could possibly be present in the waters or along the shoreline.
Even wading into the waters was not advisable during the monsoon months as the sea and weather conditions were not favourable for swimming, the agency said.

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