“Switch off the bulb, and turn your inner light on”

Teachers have been known for raising students, and make them strong enough to fight their own races. But the true and actual learning starts when even the students stand up to take care of their teachers.

A similar case has been reported in Portland, US, where the students drove a 2 year campaign to install solar power driven light in schools. It was done to cut down the expenses on infrastructure, and use that money to increase the income of teachers. Earlier, the schools in the US spent $8 billion a year on energy. But, the number of schools using solar energy has leapt down by 81% since 2014, and today, 5.3 million students attend more than 7000 solar powered schools across America. Through this, each teacher’s income is expected to increase by $2000-3000 per year.

California- the Golden state – leads the way with 2430 solar schools. On the other hand, Arkansas has helped turn the district’s $2, 50,000 budget deficit into $1.8 million surplus. The city’s school board approved a solar project that will generate 60-80% of the district’s energy. And save $50,000 in energy costs each year. Together, these projects have a cumulative capacity of 1,365 MW and produce enough energy to power a quarter of a million US homes.

It’s estimated that powering every US school with solar energy would save the same amount of CO2 as closing 18 coal plants. Let us eagerly wait for the day when all the developed countries would lead the way of the developing nations in the same direction, so that tomorrow every nation could claim their land to be a healthy, wealthy and happy place to live in.

Author: Irashi Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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