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SWR takes aerial survey of Castle Rock-Kulem Ghat using drone cameras

Panaji: South Western Railway (SWR) has taken an aerial survey of Castle Rock – Kulem Ghat Section by using drone Camera. This Ghat Section of 27 Km (Braganza Ghat) is part of Western Ghats and receives very heavy rainfall in monsoon. It is single line railway section with no road connectivity.

Already since the month of May inspections by foot, identification of vulnerable locations (prone to land slips, water logging etc.) are done and preventive measures are in place (such as embankment walls, sandbags, shoring up of side walls with sleepers etc._

As an additional safety measure, drone cameras will record video of spots of water logging on hill – top, weak spots, loose boulders etc.

If any vulnerable or weak spot is noticed, immediately the dedicated team of engineers, technicians and trackmen will take remedial action to prevent damage or obstruction of railway track, a statement from SWR said.

It may be noted that, already to attend to any emergencies in the Ghat section, Sandbags, ballast, boulders, tools and equipment are ready and there are dedicated monsoon wagons at Castle Rock, Kulem, Tinaighat.

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