Sylvester Stallone inspired india’s leading model Karan Oberoi to acquire a body that has no match!

Jan. 10, 2020 : Karan oberoi aka KO, he is one of the few models who has excelled in fitness, fashion as well as commercial modeling space since he entered the modeling industry almost 10 years ago. The most photographed man of our country Karan Oberoi who is also today known as ‘KO’ which means “knock-out” because of his physique which has no match.  He was also voted as the top fitness model and is also the winner of other prestigious titles such as ‘Mr. Best Physique’ and ‘World Peace Messenger’ by United Nations knew a very little of himself that he would ever go so far in life when he started! This gorgeous lean machine is also seen on the cover page of leading fitness magazines and has shared his fitness and diet tips on television and with leading newspapers being a fitness icon.

India’s leading model Karan Oberoi lives in discipline at the same time work out really hard to be in the very best shape as much possible, which is a dream for many men in our country, which was once his own dream! It’s hard to believe that he’s the same guy who was once struggling to have a lean and muscular physique which couldn’t happen till the time he saw the movie “ROCKY” starring Sylvester Stallone that inspired him to the extent that the guy who was lazy to walk a couple of stairs was running more than 20 kms a day that also at 4 am in the morning.

KO also today understands importance of visuals and music which plays a very important role in motivating hence he recommends a must watch motivating videos to get your desired fitness goals.   Karan is known today because of his physique that is not only good to look at but is also healthy inside out. Karan believes it’s important to look great at the same time healthy too hence he never indulges in substance abuse and makes sure he eats right including green tea, green vegetables and citrus fruits like strawberries in his diet. Today Karan is an inspiration of his own, popular on social media and has emerged as a popular fitness & style icon!

Via UNI-India

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