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Taking IFFI to People


In an effort to take cinema to the people, Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) has identified film clubs under the Goa Film Society to screen film across the state.
Seven film clubs listed as part of the Goa Film Society namely Salgaoncar College’s VMS Reel Law Club, SS Dempo College’s Filmy Club, Goa Film Alliance by Art Chamber, Vasco Film Association, St Xavier College’s Talkies Film Club, Goa Medical College and Sunaparanta, Goa centre for the arts will screen a selection of films from the Indian Panorama section.

Manoj Srivastava, CEO, Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) said: “It is ESG’s endeavor not to restrict films to the IFFI venues but instead take cinema to the people. Through Goa Film Society we will take that excitement to students, colleges and film clubs across the state”.
Following films from Indian Panorama will be screened at film clubs and colleges across Goa:

1. Prasthanam (Telugu)
2. Swayamsiddha (Oriya)
3. Pail Te Sumbaran (Marathi)
4. Jhing Chik Jhing (Marathi)
5. Elektra (Malayalam)
6. Shabari (Kannada)
7. Aidu Ondola Aidu (Kannada)
8. Tere Bin Laden (Hindi)
9. Achin Paakhi (Bengali)


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