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Talak’s O Maria Premiers at IFFI


With his latest movie O Maria premiering at International Film Festival of India on Tuesday, producer-director Rajendra Talak has earned the unique distinction of being the only person to have four of his films premiering at this event.
O Maria, claim Talak, is a wake up call to Goans to protect and preserve their natural beauty and turn away from avarice which has no end. Set in a coastal village, the movie deals with land grab issue where builders resort to any means to dispossess gullible Goans particularly the aged, of their land.

The movie has Cory Goldberg essaying the role of a tourist living in rented beach side house who along with a few villagers help his landlady Maria resist the builders attempt to take over the house and adjoining property.
Talak proposes to release the movie in Goa on 19th December to coincide with the Liberation Day celebration. He also plans to screen the movie specially for Archbishop of Goa and other eminent personalities along with the media.
The earlier three films of Talak to be premiered at IFFI are Aleesha (2004), Antarnad (2006) and (2008)

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